Eduardo González ha sido incluido en la lista de profesionales recomendados en la prestigiosa publicación “IAM Patent 1000 – The World’s Leading Patent Professionals” de 2020. Se une así a GALBAIAN, que ha vuelto a ser incluida en la lista de agencias de patentes recomendadas, y a Ismael Igartua, que repite como profesional altamente recomendado.

La guía dice lo siguiente sobre GALBAIAN, Ismael Igartua y Eduardo González:

A modern firm with an international approach, GALBAIAN works as a united front to deliver quality services. Electronics is a forte, but the firm has the technical nous to handle briefs across all industries, guaranteeing efficient, effective results while never skimping on quality. In the words of one patron: “They are an essential part of our team; it is their ability to deeply understand the smallest details that makes the greatest difference.” Founding partner and patent attorney Ismael Igartua “rolls up his sleeves and assesses the pros and cons of each case without ever losing sight of wider commercial realities. He is extremely tech-savvy and stays up to date on several disciplines, which ensures patents get granted quicker than you expect”. He works side by side with industrial electronics specialist Eduardo González, “whose strategic analysis and superb risk evaluations drastically reduce your chances of facing an infringement claim”.

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