“Intellectual property from a business perspective”

Who we are

We are a team of experts who provide comprehensive services in the field of industrial and intellectual property. We belong to the Corporación MONDRAGON.

We are not a conventional IP firm, as we come from the industry. GALBAIAN was established in October 2011 by the team of the Industrial Property Department of the Fagor Group. This Department had over 25 years of experience providing advice to these and other companies in terms of IP. We used to be an internal department of a group of companies and now aspire to work as an internal department for each and every client while providing service from a business perspective.


We are aware of the importance of closeness when providing advice to companies and the importance of our involvement, interaction and cooperation with our partners, understanding them very well and making ourselves understood, sparing no effort when explaining all that needs to be explained, and even providing specific training in IP, and we are aware also of how companies appreciate transparency.. To that, we add quality and rigour through highly qualified human team in continual training.


On the other hand, we are very aware of our commitment to contributing to a quality leap at Euskadi in terms of industrial and intellectual quality and in particular in terms of patents, as we are convinced that the effort in technological innovation being made by companies and technology centres in the Basque Country should include greater return on intangible assets.