Manu Colino Vega, R&D Engineer of ULMA Construction, has been the one who deservedly took the GALBAHE AWARD 2019 to the inventor of the year.

Every company has its strategic challenges, which translate into technological challenges that must lead the company to create new products and services. But we must not forget that the technological challenges are followed by intellectual challenges, i.e. IP related challenges, which have to do with the prevention of risks of patent infringement and with the patent protection of their own developments.

Manu stands out not only for its ability to successfully face the technological challenges presented to him, but also for its contribution to the design of improved alternative solutions that do not infringe third-party patents and for his involvement in protecting his inventions in the best possible way. In other words, for their contribution when responding to intellectual challenges. It is only possible to face these intellectual challenges with full guarantees if there is fluid communication and complicity between the inventors and the patent attorneys. And this is very easy to achieve with Manu.

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