“IAM Patent 1000 – The World’s Leading Patent Professionals” gida entzutetsuak Ismael Igartua, Eduardo Gonzalez eta Amaia Sarasola 2022ko gomendatutako profesionalen zerrendan ere sartu ditu. GALBAIAN ere patente agentzia gomendatu moduan aipatzen da beste behin.

Gidak honako hau dio GALBAIAN eta Ismael, Eduardo eta Amaiari buruz:

“Highly specialised and dedicated outfit GALBAIAN is internationally minded in its approach, resolute in its focus on quality, and its attorneys really get to grips with technical issues.” Its solid team of professionals, led by managing director Ismael Igartua, navigate a wide array of industry sectors, but truly shine in the electronics field. “Ismael specialises in strategic counselling and ensures that his clients’ intellectual property is optimised to reach its greatest potential. He really acts as an extension to his patrons’ in-house teams and serves as a true business partner.” Also on deck are Eduardo González and Amaia Sarasola, both of whom receive warm plaudits: “González is meticulous in his approach and crystal clear in his advice, which is always tailored to the company’s goals and needs”, while “Amaia stands out in terms of quality and her ability to add value and maximise a company’s potential, all of which instils her clients with confidence”.

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